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Christmas at Santa's Shop



Christmas at Santa's Shop



Christmas at Santa's Shop




  Thank You Notes from 2018 Christmas Recipients

Each year Servantís Heart of Indy partners with sponsors to reach out to our families at Christmas. God used us in a mighty way to touch 244 families and bless 600 children with Christmas gifts under their trees. On the day the gifts were distributed, recipients were given an opportunity to write a 'thank you' note to their sponsor. Following is a sampling of their notes of gratitude written in their own words:

  • "My grandchildren love their gifts. May God bless you and all your helpers. Thank you so very muchÖ
    Santa Shop visitor
  • "I want to thank you all for being there for thru out the year. I want to say I am glad I could help raise money with the quilts I made and donated. I love helping if I can no matter how little or how big. I hope 2019 will be better for all of us. But when we have each other and God with us we can get thru."
    Santa shop visitor
  • "Merry Christmas and Thank You so very much Servantís Heart of Indy. Also to the family that made our Christmas special! It means so much, more than you know.
    I hope God blesses each and every one of you for it."
    Family 223
  • "Thanks for the presents they meant so much to my kids. It made them so happy. "
    Family 240
  •  "Thank you so much for the gifts. This was a true blessing. My grandkids will always know there is a real secret Santa."
    Family 214
  •  "Thank you for making this Christmas special for my kiddos."
    Family 351
  •  "Merry Christmas to you and the Merry Christmas Angels. God loves you and we do too! Thank you so very much to whoever adopted my family for Christmas. I want to thank them all, love you. God is good. And so are you and yours. My kids needed underwear and socks so much. It was heaven sent and we love you for it. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too. Thank you for the food too."
    Family 381
  •  "Thank you for helping me and my family this holiday season. We went through so many obstacles this year 2018. We appreciate the love you have for Christ and the community."
    Santa Shop Visitor
  • "To whom this may concern: My family and I are extremely grateful. We recently relocated from Florida so I was short on Christmas. My baby (10 years old) wanted a big girl bike. Because of you guys generosity her wish came true. Thanks for your help and your pure loving heart. God will surely bless you for blessing my family. I love you guys and all that you do."
    Santa Shop Visitor
  • "To an Angel: Because of the computer game you provided for my grandson he had the best Christmas imageable. He knows it came from a guardian angel. I could never tell him I did it or he would not know about giving and sharing. I am at a loss of words to say. I cannot not thank you enough.
    Family 313
  • "Thank you for the gifts for my son. The diapers and wipes are very useful. The outfits were cute and he loves the blanket. The teeter will come in use soon. We just want you to know how much we appreciate the help. With times being hard this year due to being off work several months. We are grateful for the help from everyone who made this happen for my son. Thank you so much."
    Family 201
  • "Thank you for all the wonderful gifts. You made it possible for my kids to have presents to open on Christmas morning. God Bless You." Note from one of the children: "I like my mystery book."
    Family 345
  • "Thank you for the gifts I got for my great granddaughter and also for the ham, turkey breast and potatoes. My great granddaughter was happy with the gifts and my family had a wonderful meal on Christmas. Thank you so much for making our Christmas."
    Family from the Santa Shop
  • "I would like to thank you so much for your help with my sons Christmas. He was very happy as I was. I would like to thank you personally. Happy New Year and God Bless You."
    Family 319
  • "I would like to thank you very much for helping our family have a great Christmas. Our family has undergone some financial difficulties and this year when we thought it would be a little different our money got stolen. I try to each my children that money and gifts are not as important as our family and even though they are understanding they are still kids and they like gifts. I would like you to know that you are a true blessing to us. Not only did you give us presents for Christmas but you also showed us that God is with our family. I thank God for organizations and people like you that helped us and other people in need. Thank you for demonstrating Godís love. From the children: "I am thankful for the gifts I got this year. Not only am I thankful for this years but other gifts that I got in the other years. Gifts are not the only things I am thankful for, I am also thankful for my family and other things in life." And "Thank you for the presents and thank you for having my family here. I would like to thank my parents for giving us the presents too. I love my parents and God. Thank you for having my family and me and that nothing happens to us."
    Family 111
  • "Thank you for all you do for my family."
    Family 324
  • "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Because of your kindness and generosity our family had a blessed Holiday. Again Thank you from our Family to Yours!!"
    Family 326
  • "I was wanted to say thank you so much for helping my grand-daughter to have a very Merry Christmas with the gifts you donated. We greatly appreciate it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family."
    Family 303
  • "We were very blessed to receive such wonderful items, clothes and shoes. They were just what she liked. You have no idea how grateful we are to have gotten all this. Thank you so much."
    Family 227
  • "While many of the people that visit your Pantry donít really appreciate what you do for us: I DO! Not only for the additional food but for the grace for which you do it. There are several volunteers that I donít know by name but I want to thank every one of them."
    Family from the Santa Shop
  • "I would like to thank everyone that mad this possible for us Grandparents: being on a fixed income is no joke. The kids enjoyed everything and the ham was great." Family from the Santa Shop
  • "Dear Servantís Heart, We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The gifts you blessed us with made our children so happy. Without your help, the gifts for Dylan and Ella would have been minimal. We thank you for all that you do."
    Family 395
  • "I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful gifts you gave my grand babies. You absolutely made their Christmas. I am not sure what they liked more, the toys or the clothes and toothbrushes. They were excited about all the gifts. The person of family that adopted my grand babies were so generous. It took my breath away. I know I would not be able to give them some gifts. I feel I could never say thank you enough. Please give them hug and kiss from our family. A huge thank you ! Family from the Santa Shop?
  • "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped make our Christmas for us. It was wonderful. Best one in a long time. Thank you for all you do all year long. God has to bless you for doing so much good. From one of the kids: "Thank you for a Great Christmas."
    Family from the Santa Shop
  • "Thank you so much for helping my family on Christmas. The grandkids were so excited and grateful. They had a blast and they loved the drums. It is driving us crazy though! But I wanted you to know how thankful we all are. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
    Family from the Santa Shop
  • "To Servantís Heart and Family Sponsors: Thank you so much for the gifts for my grandchildren. You are awesome. What a blessing each and every one of you are to my family. The children really enjoyed the gifts. God bless each and every one of you. You are so appreciated."
    Family from the Santa Shop
  • "Thank you guys so much! You all saved Christmas for my kids. Merry Christmas"
    Family from the Santa Shop
  • "Thank you so much for all your kind help. I am a single mother of three. I can take care of needs but Christmas was just too much. I really appreciate your kind help. God Bless You!
    ĖFamily 215
  • Dear Servantís Heart Thank you so much for everything. I am so happy and thankful for people like you. We need people like you in every single place. Thank you for taking time out of your day just to help children like thatís amazing. Itís amazing to have people like you in this world. Me and my brother are just so thankful for you. I thank God for people like you. You made a big impact in our lives this year. I canít even use works to tell you how thankful I am to have some one like you help us. You are an amazing person. Me and my family are so thankful. The gifts were amazing and we really liked everything we were gifted with. I know that I am repeating and "Thank You" a lot but I am just so thankful. God really took his time to make you an amazing person. I really hope you had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am so glad and amazed to see people like you in this world and bless you. So glad for the Servantís Heart community.
    Ė Family 222
  • I would like to thank you for the gifts given to my two granddaughters. They were very nice and very much appreciated. This was our second year to receive gifts and as always really nice clothes, shoes, toys and art set. It is a wonderful thing you do and we thank you very much!
  • Dear Servantís Heart, thank you for the Christmas presents. I enjoy them very much. The hoodies warm and cozy and my classmates like my clothes.
  • Dear Servantís Heart Volunteers, Donators and staff, Thank you for giving the wonderful presents. The clothes bought for me are wonderful and fit amazingly. The art set sent to me was also amazing too. On the second night of owning it, I drew a picture of some characters I had in mind. What you all do is amazing and I appreciate it very much.
    Family 103
  • Thank you so much Servantís Heart. You made Christmas great for my family!
    Ė Family 382
  • Dear Servantís Heart, First I want to thank you for all your help! I praise the Lord Jesus for your kindness. I fell in love with Jesus at the age of 23. When my four children were growing up, God called me to serve him. I worked in inner city with a group of friends. We started a clothing store and food pantry. I was a nurse and helped the elderly. I was happy to serve Godís people. But as life goes on hardships happen. Reading the Bible gives me comfort and still today keeps me strong. My husband of 45 years has been Godís blessing to us. The Lord has given back to us the comfort of the community. The food is a blessing! We donít go hungry anymore. You folks have carried out Godís work. He has given back to us us LOVE pressed down & over flowing. Thank you for making our Christmas bright. Thank you to everyone who helps make this possible. God bless you & your family.
    Ė Family from the Santa Shop

  • Thanks so much for all the help. -- Santa Shop Family








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